Hair Straightening

With all the Brazilian Blowout controversy that it might contain harmful levels of Formaldehyde, we’ve been pursuing another path. (For more detailed information on this subject, check out my blog post on “To Use or Not Use Brazilian Blowout”)

Here below is the current natural/vegan treatment we are using for straightening & controlling unmanageable hair:





Zerran Reform
Zerran Reform is a patented, botanically-based method for straightening hair safely, permanently and naturally without harsh chemicals. This 100% vegan formulation contains NO thigoglycolates, sodium hydroxide, or guanidine hydroxide. It also has NO formaldehyde. NO aidehydes, and NO objectionable odors.
Fragrance free, scented with natural essential oils. Safe for use over color, highlights and perms. Reform is also highly effective on ethnic & resistant hair. Benefits are that its: vegan, gentle, not a relaxer, it’s permanent, contains NO Keratin and NO formaldehyde. See video below on Zarran Reform:



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