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My partner Dan and I strive to match your needs, and desires while enhancing the health and beauty of your hair. We believe the best path in promoting a healthy head of hair is to avoid any harsh products/ingredients or processes that may be harmful or detrimental to one’s overall health.

We are especially interested in helping those who have skin sensitivities, who are prone to allergic reactions or those who wish to eliminate toxicities due to a current pregnancy or to a health condition. If you have any of these concerns, we recommend to call us and schedule a free skin allergy patch test prior to scheduling a color, cut, and/or treatment service appointment.

Our philosophy is that the health of one’s scalp and hair can significantly contribute in a positive or negative manner to one’s long-term health. It may take years of daily exposure to harsh chemicals to chip away at one’s immune system, but we feel to error on the side of caution is the right path.

We look forward to working with you, your gorgeous new hair and vibrant health.

Happiness and Abundance,

Ratana & Dan




I was afraid at first about coloring my hair as I had just gotten it colored not too long ago and did not want to damage it further. I looked for organic hair colouring and found someone who recommended Ratana and I’m so happy I did!

My hair is far from damaged and not only that but this is one of the rare occasions where I am 100% satisfied with the colour. The entire time Ratana was attentive (and entertaining) and extremely efficient. It wasn’t in like other hair salons where the hairstylist would be running all over the place rotating from one person to the other. When my head was soaked with dye it still smelled good, a testament to the organic dyes she carries!

When she told me she had really good shampoo and conditioner I kept telling myself I still have some at home and shouldn’t buy a new one but the moment she put the conditioner on my head I was a complete believer. Never in my life have I washed my hair in a salon and feel it flow so smoothly like a piece of fabric after the stylist puts on conditioner.

Went home with conditioner and serum because they just smelled so good! I will definitely come back!

Totally recommend her to anyone who’s looking to dye their hairs or touch up their roo, don’t bother going to posh salons, come to Ratana! You won’t regret it I promise

Amanda G.

Marina Del Rey, CA



I have been going to Ratana for 10 years to have low-lights coloring done to cover my gray hair, but still keep enough to look natural.  I think the correct term is weaving, because she uses foil and meticulously separates strands of my hair in order to blend the color naturally with my gray hair.  For the last 4 or 5 years she has been using organic colors exclusively.  She is expert in the use of the Organic Color System and artistically restores 15 years to my appearance.  The organic color she uses is the best quality and she has had extensive training in the use of organic color.  The color is very gentle on my hair and lasts a full 6 weeks between treatments.

Besides coloring, Ratana is expert at cutting hair.  Never one to be satisfied with only one way of cutting hair she is always training and learning new styles and methods to keep up to date with current trends.

Ratana is extremely pleasant and very accommodating to my busy work schedule when making appointments.  Her new location is comfortable, private, and easily accessible.

If you’re looking for an experienced, professional hairdresser who is expert in the use of organic colors, Ratana is for you!

Alan T.

Agoura Hills, CA



I’ve been getting my hair done with Ratana for a few years now. I like that she uses organic hair color and she’s comfortable and experienced doing different hair styles. When I first started going to her I had short, spikey hair and I always got compliments after she cut and colored my hair. Now that I’m growing my hair out, she has helpful feedback and ideas. Ratana is friendly and has a good sense of humor. She works in 2 locations – one near West Hollywood and the other in Silver Lake at a spa with her sisters. I’m always happy with the results and highly recommend her!

Melissa I.

Los Angeles, CA



Ratana used Organic Color Systems on my hair and I could not believe how phenomenal it did in covering my grey. And the shine, oh my God the SHINE! It’s been weeks and there has been no fading and although I need my roots touched, I am so, so, so happy with my color. It is the most amazing thing. I wish I would have found out about this color years ago. Thank you Ratana for being such a great colorist!

Stephanie W.

Los Angeles, CA



My friend bought me a gift certificate to Ratana Salon last month… my friend knows that I love organic products and “Ratana” the hairdresser uses only organic/natural color. She gave me a stylish hairdo and highlighted my hair with light brown…  It surprised me that it didn’t have that “chemical smell.”  After the coloring process my head wasn’t itchy or burned.

I love the smell of the shampoo/conditioner she used so I asked her what kind it was… So I ended buying the shampoo& conditioner brand “Simply Organic” from her.

Also, this studio is so private…

Linda R.

Los Angeles, CA



Ratana is a great hair stylist! She gave me a great haircut and coloring. She uses top notch organic and eco-friendly products– they’re wonderful and smell amazing!

Meghan S.

Los Angeles, CA



I have been going to Ratana & Suchana for over 15 years. The first time I went to see Ratana, it was the first time I didn’t leave the salon in tears.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, can cut and color like Ratana. I change my hair color frequently from red, to blonde, to black and it always comes out perfect. The new organic colour systems is amazing, it lasts forever, even the red and I am very hard on my hair.  I have stick straight fine hair with lots of cowlicks and she is the master of disguising them as well as making my hair look fuller and has body.  I favor short pixie cuts and she is the best!

People ask me “who does your hair?” or “how does your skin look so good? and I immediately give them the phone number and tell them they won’t regret it.

Shannon G.

Los Angeles, CA


I’ve been going to Ratana for 20 years, but she is not old, only I got older….When I moved from West Hollywood to Anaheim, I still drove 2 hours in permanent rush-hour traffic to see her, following Ratana to her different salons. When I moved to Taiwan to teach graduate students filmmaking, I still came back to Ratana during my summer vacations. In emergencies, I had to try various salons in chic West Hollywood, unchic Orange County, and stylish Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan. But I still choose Ratana (and her sisters)…..Note: I’m not being paid for this recommendation (although I wouldn’t mind). I’m not one of her sisters (I’m a guy and, unfortunately, not Thai).

Ron N.

Anaheim, CA



Ratana has been cutting and coloring my hair for more than 15 years and Suchana does facials and mani/peds. It’s great to have it all done during one appointment! My hair is coarse and curly and not easy to color or cut and Ratana is the best of anyone I’ve ever gone to. She is always researching and testing new products and techniques. And, she and Suchana are very accommodating about scheduling and working with me within the limited amount of time I have.

Wendy K.

Los Angeles, CA



Ratana is one of the few hairdressers whose instinct I have found to be always right. I’ve been seeing her for years and can’t imagine seeing anyone else. She has great taste, terrific technique and, best of all, the vibe at her place is totally positive. A visit to her place is sure to calm any stress and have you walk out with a newly found calm, not to mention looking good. Highly recommended.

Roco M.

Los Angeles, CA



I have had my hair cut by Ratana for 25 years. She is an expert at what she does. She is professional yet she is willing to listen to how I want my hair cut. She understands style, texture and hair growth patterns and uses /sells only the best quality products.  I am the type of person when I like the business; I will follow that person around to where ever they move. I have done this with RATANA.   I currently live in Woodland Hills and travel every three weeks to West Hollywood to see RATANA. She is absolutely the best. Find the RED door in the alley just east of La Cienega. You will not regret it.

Richard L.

Woodland Hills, Ca.


After experiences with a couple of dozen L.A. stylists at every price/prestige level, I discovered Ratana and her delightful sister Suchana, and have not needed to look further. Now it’s been over 7 years. Ratana is the best colorist around. She is a scientist. Always looking for the cutting edge of organic, non-toxic, quality products, she methodically tests and examines the newest and best available, and the results are a healthy, natural looking head of hair and healthy scalp. She cuts tastefully and with sensitivity to your best look, and is always ready and able to rock out or stay conservative.  Ratana’s salon is a very relaxing, friendly and warm environment, and you won’t hear about the latest celebrity head she cut or get any snotty West Hollywood attitude.  Be sure to make an appointment with Suchana when you call to set up your cut/color with Ratana: Suchana also does great facials, massages and all spa work.

Rita V.

Los Angeles, CA



I love, love, love Ratana!  Ratana has been cutting and coloring my hair for several years, and never fails to do an amazing job.  She is very adept at interpreting your ideas and is also not afraid to tell you if she thinks something will not work (yes, that has been known to happen)!  She is able to think ‘outside the box’ and quite honestly loves to try new things.  She is an extraordinary technician and can cut all textures of hair equally well.  Personally, I have rather thin but wiry hair, and thanks to Ratana, most people think I have way more, and better hair than I actually have.  One of the best qualities about Ratana, is that she never stops learning.  Even though she’s been doing hair for decades, she always researches new products, techniques and tools.   She has just recently introduced a wonderful line of organic hair color and treatment products that are truly fantastic.  My hair has never looked, nor felt, better.   Ratana is my hair stylist for life!!
And if you need skin care, Ratana’s sister Suchana is a wonderful aesthetician and masseuse–she has the best hands EVER.  EVER.    If you are looking for a full service salon where you are treated with respect, and can great service for reasonable prices, look no further.   You will not be disappointed!

jeannine t.

Burbank, CA



Ratana has been cutting my hair for many years now, and I would not go anywhere else.  Her sister, Suchana, is also an amazing esthetician and reflexologist.  They are masters of their trade and will give you warm, caring and friendly service.  If you are looking for a new hairdresser or a place for manicures, pedicures, facials and massage, Ratana Salon is the best choice you can make!

Scott M.

Los Angeles, CA



Ratana has been cutting and coloring my hair for around 7 years.  She does a “low-lights” weaving on my hair with foil to reduce the amount of gray hair to maintain a youthful look.  She does an excellent job of matching my hair color and uses the highest quality organic color to get a perfect result with no foul fumes.  She recommends and supplies the finest shampoos and conditioners to maintain the color and keep my hair looking perfect for weeks.  Ratana always creates a perfect cut to compliment my coloring.  Between the color and cut she easily takes 15 years off my looks!  She’s very friendly and even cooks a delicious Pad Thai noodle dish!  The warm, comfortable decor of her salon makes the session entirely pleasant!

Alan T.

Agoura Hills, CA



What can I say?  Ratana has been cutting and coloring my hair for almost 20 years (a meticulous, natural-looking blond three-color weave).  Medium length.  Chin length.  Short bob.  Really really short.  It all looked great.

My teenage daughter finally “graduated” to Ratana’s cut and color when she hit 20–with her own money.  “Oh my god, the best haircut of my life!” she smirked.  Ratana’s talents are huge.  Go!  And make a friend.  Or two–her sister Suchana has wonderful soothing hands and a calm, competent alive energy that is similar to Ratana’s.

Judy D.

Los Angeles, CA



Ratana’s the greatest for changing your appearance and outlook on life — your hair looks good, your overall appearance is much improved and you definitely feel better after cut, dye and cup of tea. Suchana is also quite talented in skin care, depilatory and massage.

Robin B.

Bell, CA



The best salon in town! It is beautifully decorated and quite inspiring!

I met Ratana at a French class several moons ago (too many to post) and she has since been taking care of my hair: cut this way, that way, let’s try this color, or another one, with incredible talent and patience. She is an expert in hair care and especially with color, plus always up to date with the latest and best products! Now, all organic!

Suchana, her sister, very talented in skin care and massage!

Another addition to talented two another talented sister in the massage department.

Wonderful place. The care and attention of all of them is beyond 100%. The best of the best.

Cida G.

Los Angeles, CA



Okay, I’ll admit it.  I care how I look.  And for the last 24 years I’ve let Ratana be in charge of my appearance.  Well, at least of my hair.  It’s been this length, that length, this style, that style, and she’s never let me down.  She’s very modest about her talents, but she’s very talented.  And impossible to fluster.  And reasonably priced.  I know, because every once in awhile I’ve been unfaithful, and ventured out to another stylist.    And I always come back to Ratana.  So make an appointment today.  While you’re at it, make appointments with her sisters, too.  One is an excellent aesthetician and the other gives Thai massages.  It’s a mini-spa off Griffith Park Blvd.!

Terri H.

Studio City, CA


I have been going to Ratana for almost 8 years.  I have followed her through three different locations and she has settled into a wonderful private space right off La Cienega.  Thanks for all the great haircuts!

Dan G.

Los Angeles, CA

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